itk Recruitment Job Published: 10th April 2018
Employer Type
£45,000 - £50,000


Not all job seekers are active on the market. Some job seekers don?t know they are seeking; until the dream job comes along.

For anyone working in the Hospitality industry, more specifically within Pubs, Gastro Pubs and Pubs with rooms I may have the perfect job with the perfect company. Bold statement but let me explain why.

Greatness comes from the top. When the CEO is great he or she will surround themselves by great people. People work for people and if you are in a job where you are not working for and with great people you may want to consider your options?

The CEO in this company is great, as are his people. They offer autonomy like no other, security, stability, growth as well as stunning pubs, amazing locations and great financial and personal rewards.

I am tasked with finding the best General Manager in the Banbury area. Someone who is looking to better themselves, be happier in their job and progress through to a more senior role in a growing company.

If you are this person and you come from a premium pub background, ideally with rooms experience then I want to talk to you.

Full details will be disclosed but you can be sure of a great Pub, location, company and package.

So give me a call - Simon 07875226232